With the temperature dropping below zero today into tonight it is important to keep thermostats turned up! Cut back on wood stoves, pellet stoves and mini splits if you have a forced hot water heating system to prevent frozen pipes. Water will freeze in non circulating pipes.

If you have an outside air connection on your oil burner, temporarily remove it and just leave the open pipe near the oil burner. This will give the very cold and dense outside air a chance to mix with warmer inside air, thus preventing a lock out of the manual reset.

Keep an eye on oil tank level as you will burn oil faster during a cold snap.
Order oil at 1/4 tank.

It's Time to Clean Your Furnace!

Maximize your fuel burning efficiency!

Winter is here and most of you already cleaned your furnaces and boilers to get ready for winter. It's not too late to book your... very important: Annual Furnace Cleaning! CALL RIGHT NOW to schedule your Annual Furnace Cleaning! Be ready for the cold weather. Cleaning your furnace annually maximizes efficiency and reduces the odds of getting into an, "Emergency No Heat" situation. Call Bob at 413-522-2064 or e-mail him @ bob@bobsoilburnerservice.com

BOB'S OIL BURNER SERVICE specializes in the annual maintenance and repairs that are needed to ensure that the best possible performance of your oil heating system is achieved.

Clean burners are more reliable and use less fuel! For optimum performance and longer life, clean your oil burner every year!