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In the event of a heating system emegrency, calling or texting 413-522-2064 will facillitate a faster response than sending an e-mail. Leave your name, address and phone number and a detailed message of your situation.

BUT... FIRST Ensure that there is oil in the oil tank and all electrical switches and breakers are in the on position. NEXT Turn the thermostat up higher than room temperature and make sure the batteries are good if it's a digital tharmostat. THEN You can try and push the reset button on the oil burner ONLY ONCE. Make sure that it stays running for longer than a minute or two to see if it will keep running and give you heat. If it keeps running, you can call during normal working hours and we can schedule a service call to troubleshoot why it went off by the reset button. If it stops running within a minute or less after pushing the reset button, then you can get in touch with us for an emergency service call contingent upon our availibilty. Your fuel oil provider should also be on your emergency contact list as well.

For service work or non-emergency questions please call 413-522-2064 or fill in the form below and indicate whether mornings or afternoons are better for scheduling purposes. We are compiling an e-mail list for future scheduling. Please e-mail us and state what month your oil burner usually gets cleaned and we'll add you to that month's "reminder to schedule your annual furnace cleaning on your oil burner" e-mail list. Thank You!

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