Annual Cleanings

Annual cleanings are very important in giving you the best efficiency for your fuel oil useage as well as providing longevity to your oil heating system. They reduce unecessary service calls that can result in no heat and frozen pipes. We service oil burners of all ages from the modern heating systems used today all the way back to the vintage ones that are 60-70 yrs. old.

A cleaning consists of:

  • Nozzle changed and electrodes re-gapped
  • Oil filter changed
  • Oil pump strainer changed if necessary
  • Vacuum and brush heat exchanger and flue pipe
  • Head and tube assembly inspected
  • Oil any motors as needed
  • Check belts and air filters on furnaces
  • Gage glass cleaned or replaced on steam boilers
  • Low water cut-off and all limits and safety's checked
  • Address water leaks or system noises
  • Combustion analyzer system efficiency test performed
  • Overall system operation inspection
  • Answer any questions for owners about their heating systems

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