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Summer is here and now is the time to clean your oil burner after it worked hard for you all winter! Call Bob today to schedule your very important furnace cleaning. This will save you money by using less fuel oil! Cleaning your heating system annually maximizes fuel burning efficiency and also reduces the chance of a break down during the cold months.

It's Time to Clean Your Furnace!

Maximize your fuel burning efficiency!

BOB'S OIL BURNER SERVICE specializes in the annual maintenance and repairs that are needed to ensure that the best possible performance of your oil heating system is achieved.

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Clean burners are more reliable and use less fuel! For optimum performance and longer life, clean your oil burner every year!

Maintenance, Upgrades and Service

OIL LINE UPGRADES: If an existing residential oil supply and/or return line is in contact with the earth, concrete or a floor surface, it must be upgraded by enclosing it in a non-metallic sleeve or by installing an oil safety valve. This Massachusetts Code came into effect in September, 2011.

BOB'S OIL BURNER SERVICE is fully equipped to perform the work necessary to get your oil line up to code. If you are not sure whether your oil line is already protected, please call us for a free estimate at: 413-522-2064

Local Service in Franklin County, MA

Bob Wyngowski is an oil heating contractor, servicing oil burners on residential oil fired boilers, furnaces and water heaters in the greater Greenfield, Massachusetts and Franklin County Massachusetts Tri-state area since 1988.

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